Tips for renting in Andalucia

Tips for renting in Andalucia

When is the best time to start viewings in the province of Malaga?

French landing in Andalusia, I wanted to talk about my experience of finding accommodation. I had arrived in October 2019 in Marbella, I faced a first reality : I arrived too late because the best accommodations were already filled.

Indeed, many landlords of the Costa del Sol rent their property from September to the end of June to residents in order to increase rent to tourists during the summer season.

In fact, the months of July and August are usually those when they make the most profit with tourist rentals.
As you will have understood, the ideal period is to start looking for accommodation at the beginning of September.

Is the covid19 crisis has an impact on the rental market?

The covid 19 crisis has reshuffled the cards due to the low tourists flows compared to previous years. The English in particular because of the imposed quarantine could not come to Audalusia, one of their popular destination for several years. As a result, some landlords have decided to rent their property for long-term.

Everywhere in Andalusia, we note a drop in rents of around 10% except in Marbella where the housing shortage keeps rents higher than in the neighboring towns (around 30% higher), which confirms that Marbella, a jet-set destination hasn’t lost its attractiveness.


How much do you pay for an accommodation on average in Andalusia?

You have to count on spending 550 € for a one-bedroom apartment, 700 € for a two-bedrooms apartment.

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