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Home hunting

We provide you with a listing of accomodation based on your criteria or if you already have one in mind we visit it on your behalf .


Once the free quote has been approved and a 50% deposit received, we will provide a detailled report after the viewing so you can make the best decision.

Move in with confidence

Finalise the rental contract with the landlord and get support for any questions regarding local practices, Spanish translation and local prices.


  • What is our goal:

If you live abroad and are planning to rent out an apartment in the province of Malaga for a short or long-term stay, we help you with your house hunting and provide you with a personalised report after the viewing.

  • What kind of information is on the viewing report:

After the viewing, you will get information such as: neighbourhood, housing condition, accessibility, more photos/video…

  • How much does the service cost?

The minimum cost is 50€ but the best is to contact us as it depends on whether or not the list of properties is provided, the location and also the number of properties to visit. The cost is reduced for property viewing in the same area.



  • Will I have to pay the entire amount before the property visit?

 As soon as we receive a 50% deposit, we start working on your house hunting.




  • Will I be charged if I finally decide not to move into a property that has been visited?

Yes so please be sure the listed properties are the ones you really like.

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