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in the province of Malaga

Trust us with your property and maximize your rental income

“Tech is at the heart of what we do”


Everything is included in our pricing

We partner with landlords and advertise their properties on platforms like Airbnb. We use technology to help manage bookings.

From cleaning and laundry, to guest communication, key collection and pricing.

    Our services

Booking online

Contact us to get a free quote for advertising your property and managing bookings through various platforms.

During the covid crisis, get in touch with us if you need help with the tenant choice process for long-term rental contract

Property management

From guest communication to check in, we handle all the steps so that your property is ready to be rented in the best conditions for an amazing stay


Guest management

We remain available if the customer has any problem with his accommodation because we are here

Satisfaction guaranted

Get a report when the guest has departed your property and secure your rental revenue

Our Process

1. Free quote based on your request

We handle  the advertising of your properties on different platforms, housekeeping before check-in and we welcome guests on your behalf

2. Check your registration number

This is a legal obligation to rent out through AirBNB. 

3. No surprises with the cost

Once you have approved the quote, make the payment by bank transfer.

4. Customized departure guest report

Receive a tailored report after each booking to get an overview of the guest experience and match your revenues with each reservation

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